In view of the different use characteristics of various parts of the car, our company has developed different self-lubricating bushings suitable for different parts. Such as: special shaft sleeve for tension er, special shaft sleeve for shock absorbed, damper guide assembly and piston, gearbox sleeve and gasket, seat adjustment system sleeve, door hinge and trunk hinge sleeve, Wiper bushings, air conditioner compressor bushings, starting motor bushings, power steering pump bushings, steering system bushings, brake system and pedal assembly bushings, etc.

1 Transmissions: idler bearings, clutches, rear output shaft, main shaft, reverse idler bearings, clutches, pumps, solenoids, planetary gear sets, gear shifting forks
2 Shock Absorbers
3 Seats: seat recliner and height adjuster
4 Axles: Brake Systems
5 Hinges: door, trunk and hood hinges
6 Engine: water and oil pumps, belt tensions, pulley dampers, compressors
7 Steering Systems: gear pump bearings yoke support, steering column

In this highly competitive automotive industry, we offer our customers with RAMSHIN self-lubricating bearings that help them improve energy efficiency, lower vehicle weight and reduce emissions. Our engineering teams are here to help you to overcome different challenges.