Existem dois métodos Recomendados para instalar OS rolamentos, pressionar Ajuste e encolher porRefrigeração.A vantagem do Ajuste do psiquiatra é fácil de operar e Muito precisa, deve ser USADA prioritariamente.

O método de ensaio por arrefecimento
1、Medium vessel needed
Cooling medium: liquid nitrogen or frozen carbon dioxide(Co2)
vessel: heat preservation and insulation vessel.
2.bushing OD shrinked rate(AD) calculate after cooling
D:bushing OD,
T:cooling temperature
T1:environment temperature of installation.
3.operation method:
①: put the bushing into the heat preservation and insulation vessel, add cooling medium, recommended temperatire is -40~-70'C
②:cooling time should be more than 1 hour, and it should be longer if the interference between bushing and housing bore is big.
③:inspect bushing OD and housing ID again,easy to installation.
④: put the cooled bushing into housing bore quickly,any delay will make the install difficult.
: add lubricate grease onto working surface of bushing.
⑥:the housing bore temperature should be keep around 20~30℃C, if the environment temperature is very low.